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Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2018, 16:06

Repair bootloader on Extrend8500

Got a new Extrend 8500 1 month ago. I was not avare of loading new bootloader before I flased an image. The box was working for about 12 hours, then it was dead. Sent it back to the shop, but they could not repair it.
Any suggesting.


Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2018, 16:42

good that you write it ...
Which BootLoader, from which source?
And why another bootloader?
Greetings and thanks


Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2018, 18:44

They told me that the bootloader was gone. When I try to flash a new image, it stop flashing after about 60 sec.
Where can I find latest bootloader for this box.


Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2018, 20:56

404 page not found.

But I said earlier, I can not install bootloader or img.
But I think you do not understand what I am asking. I know how to flash bootloader, I know how to flash an image.
The Extrend box will not flash any of theese.
So Jtag or RS 232 is the only way, but how?.

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