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Monday, February 11th 2013, 10:21pm

et4000 image!


have bought an xtrend et4000 and i am verry happy about it. i have the open pli3 image.

but i want to know if someone knows whats the best stabile image i can get. i see there are different images but i dont wont to test one by one.

somebody help me?


Monday, February 11th 2013, 10:49pm

The Pli is already very good, but it will always be beta as there is an update every day.
Just get the latest news and look at it as a final image.
If you find an error in the test, you can: Plugins menu management software at any time to make an update.

I would like to move their contribution in the English area.


Tuesday, February 12th 2013, 12:50pm

thanks for the respond.

then i will stay at pli en hopely i will try in the future the other images. :rolleyes:

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